Code Workshop

City Council Workshop to Discuss Recreational Vehicle Codes

On April 24, 2017, the Satellite Beach City Council held a workshop meeting to discuss current codes and procedures regarding the parking of recreational vehicles at residential and commercial properties.  The agenda packet from that meeting and the powerpoint presented by City staff are available on this page for residents to further review.  Additionally, please use the link to YouTube if you would like to watch the recording of the meeting.
We welcome and appreciate feedback and comments from our residents and business owners.  No changes have been made at this time.  Any code changes will be first taken to the Planning Advisory Board and then brought back to City Council at a later date as a proposed ordinance.  The first in a series of meetings on the topic by the Planning Advisory Board to be determined for a future meeting.
Please check this page periodically to review the draft ordinances and see when these ordinances will be scheduled for a public hearing.

- Agenda Packet for April 24th Meeting

- PowerPoint Presentation from April 24th Meeting

- Video of April 24th Meeting (YouTube)

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