Youth Council Launches in City of Satellite Beach

With the start of the new school year, the Satellite Beach City Council unanimously approved the creation of a Youth Council in the City of Satellite Beach. The program is spearheaded by City Councilwoman Jodi Rozycki and to assist with the program success is staff liaison, Director of Recreation, Cassie Warthen, all members of the Satellite Beach City Council, local volunteers, and organizations. “In addition to city government, and the roles and responsibilities of City Council members, students will have the chance to learn about other tiers of government,” Rozycki said. “There will be opportunities for students to learn about their municipal/county government, participate in the Florida League of Cities Annual Youth Summit and work on community projects that could lead to potential partnerships with the School Board, non-profits and local businesses. We will also teach them about some of our closest community partners. We hope this program will encourage them to learn more about civic engagement and responsibility, and get involved throughout the community.”  The Youth Council will be composed of seven members, who are high school students enrolled in a public, private or homeschool program and residents of the City of Satellite Beach.  The terms of each member will expire upon their high school graduation..  Applications and information materials on the program will be made available through high school counselors, social media,  homeschool groups and online at  All applications should be returned by September 20th to the City Clerk’s Office at or in person at 565 Cassia Ave.  Those with additional questions can contact the Recreation Department at 321-773-6458..  “The Youth Council will provide a conduit for youth voice to city leadership, help promote civic engagement and community service and foster an understanding of how municipal governments works.”  “We look forward to working with or local youth,” said City Manager Courtney Barker.