City Boards

Summary of Boards
If you are a resident and a registered voter in the City of Satellite Beach, and would like to become involved with your City, please submit a completed board application to: City Clerk, 565 Cassia Boulevard, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937. (These are all volunteer positions.)

Application to serve on City Boards
Application to serve on Youth Council 

Please click on the word Application above to download the Application Form. For questions or comments, contact the City Clerk by phone (773-4407), by fax (779-1388), or by e-mail (

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Ad Hoc Employee Care Committee

Short-term committee formed to evaluate the current employee healthcare plan structure and cost; investigate mental and behavioral health conditions, such as PTSD and depression; and investigate workers’ compensation for heat-related illnesses, especially for employees who work mainly outdoors. Three members of the committee are residents who will be appointed by the City Council.

         Vacancies: Three City residents

Beautification Board

Plans city beautification projects and submits recommendations to City Council and City staff for approval and implementation.

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

Considers requests for variance from City Code provisions; hears and decides appeals from decisions of the City Building Official.

Library Board

Plans library programs for the Satellite Beach Public Library for review by the County Public Library Board.

Pension Plan Board of Trustees (Firefighters and Police)

Administers the City's retirement plan for Police and Firefighters.

Pension Plan Board of Trustees (General Employees)

Administers the City's retirement plan for General Employees.

Planning Advisory Board (PAB)

Advises the City Council on zoning and land-use issues and site-plan approvals.

Recreation Board

Recommends recreation programs and policies to City Council and staff.

Samsons Island Working Board

Manages all aspects of planting, maintenance, and development of the island into a unique passive-recreation park and nature preserve.

Sustainability Board

Make recommendations on a local action plan for climate change and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Youth Council

Increases youth participation and involvement in local government, organizes and performs service projects and makes recommendations on matters affecting the youth of the community.