Community Involvement

Community Involvement:
The City of Satellite Beach Recreation Department offers great opportunities for you to stay involved in your community.  In addition to the programs listed below, we have a list of civic and social clubs that meet at city facilities.

Satellite Beach Community Paramedic Program:
Satellite Beach Fire Department offers in-home health evaluations for older citizens who have chronic healthconditions. Community Health Paramedics will schedule appointments to visit citizens in their homes as needed to conduct physical exams and check ups. Services provided include: In-Home Paramedic exam on a weekly visit, 12 Lead EGG, Vitals including weight, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation, Medication review and compliance, Nutrition review and compliance, Link with Primary Care Provider(s) to provide first hand observations about your health status and potential needs, as well as Link to Community Services to enhance your quality of life. To request additional  information, contact the Satellite Beach Fire Department, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm by calling (321) 773-4405 Ext. 4, or visit:!mihc/ccjp

Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteer Program:
Satellite Beach is known for their volunteers who want to make a difference and give back to the community.  Our existing police volunteer presence and support have provided a solid contribution to our quality of life. Because of our volunteers, we are able to provide a wider range of services to our residents and extend Police visibility as the volunteers patrol the neighborhoods. COPS also assist with city special events. In order to be a volunteer you must successfully pass a background check and be able to donate 2 hours a week. If you are interested, submit a completed volunteer application and contact Linda Harlow at (321) 773-4400 for an appointment.

Stop By & Say Hi Program:
The Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteer Program provides a beneficial program titled “Stop By & Say Hi” where our volunteers literally do just that with our City residents. We provide companionship and become a friend who is close by. Our compassionate volunteers provide laughter, brighten a day, and let our residents know they are not forgotten and that we care in Satellite Beach. We also offer basic resources and support. The program is free of charge and confidential. There are no requirements except that they must live in the City limits of Satellite Beach. The resident can be of any age or background and can be someone who would enjoy having someone to talk to while they reminisce about the good old days. We encourage you to recommend someone you know to Linda Harlow at or call the Satellite Beach Police Department: (321) 773-4400. A referral form is located at City Hall or the SB Police Station. It is also available online at

Volunteers in Motion:
The Volunteers in Motion Program began in 1996 and helps seniors live independently by offering life sustaining  transportation to medical appointments, pharmacies and to the grocery store. This service is coordinated by Space Coast Area Transit. Volunteers in Motion will provide specialized vans which will accommodate mobility devices in support of our Satellite Beach’s Community Paramedic, Stop By & Say Hi Program and Neighbor Helping Neighbor residents. This is an exciting new opportunity for the City of Satellite Beach residents who participate in one of these programs so that transportation will be available.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor:
reviously offered transportation to doctor appointments, light housekeeping or handyman services. The services that were provided through this program, other than transportation, will now be coordinated through Ms. Melanie Drake with the Community Paramedic Program. All transportation will now be done through Volunteers in Motion.

The Satellite Beach Fire Department’s Community Paramedic Program: (Mobile Integrated Health Care) Offers in-home health evaluation for our older Satellite Beach city residents who have chronic health conditions.

The Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteer Program:
Offers their Stop By & Say Hi Program once a week where they make friendly social visits, share resources and let our residents know we care. If you are interested in “Paying It Forward” and giving back in a huge way to your community, contact Ms.Lori Hamilton with Volunteers In Motion, at (321) 635-7999 or email her at: and she will share the requirements of becoming a Volunteers in Motion driver in Satellite Beach. A few hours of your support, once or twice a week, will make an unbelievable difference in the lives of our residents. This is an incredible resource for Satellite Beach and if you possess a valid driver’s license and are willing to make a difference by helping others, we look forward to hearing from you!

Samsons Island Adopt-A-Park Program:
Samsons Island Nature Park is a 52-acre island owned by the City of Satellite Beach located in the Indian River Lagoon.  Since 1991, City volunteers and staff have worked diligently to re-vegetate local flora and fauna on this spoil island so the community can enjoy a small piece of open land. The City’s Adopt-A-Park program recruits individuals, families and local organizations to lend a hand with park duties that fit their ability level. Individuals and families can volunteer on the island on a schedule convenient to them, while organizations are asked to commit to work parties at least twice a year. Those interested in volunteering on Samsons Island can contact Cassie Warthen, Satellite Beach Recreation Director, via email at or call by phone at 773-6458.

Sport Organizations:
Youth sport organizations in Satellite Beach are always looking for good volunteers. Duties can range from board positions to concession stand workers, coaches, managers, or team parents. Most sport league websites list their volunteer opportunities. The sport league websites are listed in our current activity brochure.

Community Board/Committees:
There are many citizen boards that advise City Council on important issues concerning community growth and policy management. Two such boards are coordinated through the Recreation Department. The Samsons Island Park Committee provides guidelines and policy for the management of the Island. The Recreation Board members recommend future facilities and recreation related policies to the City Council.
If you are interested in participating in either board, contact City Clerk Leonor Olexa at 773-4407.

Satellite Beach Library:
Please call 779-4004 to find out how to become involved with the Library.